My forty-third unearthly tale.

I – that's Kaziuk von Märchendorf – will post this Oannes' unearthly tale only when it becomes clear that what Earthly professors of physics say at all universities:

"In Einstein's special theory of relativity, there is no such thing as 'time' in the singular. Time passes differently for different observers, depending on the observers' motion. The prime example is that of the two hypothetical twins: One of them stays at home, on Earth. The other journeys into space in an ultra-fast rocket, nearly as fast as the speed of light, before returning home. Afterwards, when the twins are reunited on Earth, the travelling twin is

markedly younger,

compared to his stay-at-home sibling." – this is fragment of text which Earthly professors of physics posted on the website


cosmic bullshit.

And thus, when it becomes clear that almost everything Earthly professors of physics say about the universe is

cosmic bullshit.

Kaziuk von Märchendorf.


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